Candle lighting tips / troubleshooting

Tip 01: 
Always cut/trim your wick for a clean burn.

Wicks play an important part in burning the candle safely and evenly. If a wick is too long, the flame will be larger and can create a “mushroom” wick where the flame can crackle and soot be released into the air. The larger flame will also melt down the candle significantly faster and cause drips.

To avoid this, it is recommended to cut down your wick roughly to 0.5cm–1cm before lighting your candle.

“Mushroom” wicks can occur even if the wick length is not long. This is usually due to the wick size not being appropriate for the candle size. Komori candles are different shapes and width which means every time you burn a Komori candle, the state of the candle form will be different each burn. “Mushrooming” happens when the wick takes in more wax than it can burn, causing carbon buildup inside and eventually form a cap or mushroom at the top of the wick. Simply trim it off once the candle cools down to prevent more buildup of carbon.

Tip 02:
How to fix and prevent drips.

Drips are when the pool of wax at the centre of the candle floods out due to the rims not being high enough to keep the wax pool inside. The most common cause of dripping is actually due to a draft (or draught) or placing the candle on an uneven surface. These factors make the flame lean towards one side, rather than straight up, and causes a hole/cut in the rim and make the pool of wax drip out. Another cause can simply be too much burn time in one session. It can be very frustrating when you do not desire it to drip out as it can damage certain surfaces such as wood or vinyl (hence why it is recommended to burn a candle on a fire-resistant surface such as ceramic or stone).

To fix this “cut” on the rims, you use the commonly undesired effect of “tunnelling” to your advantage.

It is essentially creating another rim to prevent the rest of the pooled wax dripping out.

To achieve this:

  1. Put out the flame when the candle starts dripping
  2. Let the candle cool down completely
  3. Trim wick if needed
  4. Re-light
  5. Keep the session time short and put out the flame again when you have your desired rim thickness

[Watch video for reference]

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