Why Komori chooses Beeswax.

There are many, many benefits of using Beeswax,
but the main reason Komori chose Beeswax is that it is not only amazing to work with,
but also durable compared to other natural waxes.

1) It is the most premium wax, and it's the safest, cleanest and longest burn out of all wax types.

We all know Soy candles. They are made from Soybeans and have many good benefits for us and the planet. Although they are a very good alternative to Parrafin wax (the cheapest and most toxic wax), Soy does not keep its shape for long when moulded (as it is very soft and difficult to get out of the moulds). In contrast, Beeswax has a high melting point, meaning it won't melt in your warm hands like Soy. It becomes more durable and dust/scratch-resistant (dust will have a harder time sticking to the candle), making it easier to transport and lasts a lot longer.
Komori does not use any fragrance and embraces the subtle natural honey scent the wax originally has.

2) It acts as a natural air purifier.

As the wax melts when lit, it gives off negative ions. It works similar to lightening — the negative ions cancel out the positively charged pollen and dust and ultimately cleanse the air. Weird right? Next time there's lightning, it's bound to become a fine, sunny day/evening after.

3) It is natural, renewable and sustainably sourced.

Beeswax is an eco-friendly product that is very versatile. It can be used for medicinal purposes as well as products like sustainable food wraps. As the name suggests, it is produced by Bees. Beeswax is a by-product of the Bees and is used to build their honeycomb. It might sound mean to take their beautiful architecture right? But in fact, Bees prefer to have fresh honeycomb when laying their eggs. By harvesting the old wax carefully, the bees can rebuild a fresh honeycomb and become more productive.

More information about the specific benefits can be found
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We hope you enjoy Komori's candles even more by understanding some of these benefits.
Have a lovely day or evening :)